About us

We are proud to introduce the new Red’s Pantry. A growing location for quality USA made products, Fire Responder and Veteran Owned & Operated companies for the everyday adventurer, athlete, and American.  

Jaclyn R. Marsh, CEO of Red’s Pantry, doesn’t believe in roadblocks- only in the opportunity to do better. We are thankful to serve those who have served us, and to be involved in the community to pave the way for positive change. Previously a first responder & surgical assistant, “Red” continues to live with purpose as an entrepreneur and is 100% confident in the teamwork involved-while setting a good example for future generations.

Keep checking in for new items, companies, and amazing groups you can support to bridge the gap between civilians, veterans, and quality USA made products while supporting small businesses.  By showcasing new products, we hope to create the opportunity to work, learn, and grow together. 

 We encourage you to share this page & keep your hard earned dollars close to home.. Thank you for this opportunity, your patriotic spending does not go unnoticed!